SD-WAN Publications

Comparative Reports (subscription required)

SD-WAN Comparative Report
The SD-WAN Comparative Report provides detailed comparisons across all tested products for three use cases: Manageability & Cost, Performance, and Security.

SD-WAN Comparative Report: Network Value Map
The Network Value Map (NVM) Comparative Report provides an aggregated view of the detailed findings from this test. Enterprise security decision makers can use the report to determine the relative value of security investments.

Test Reports (subscription required)

Each of our reports is based on thousands of repeatable test cases. Test Reports enable enterprise security teams to understand the impact of features and limitations across different products. These reports are used to shortlist products for further evaluation and proof-of concept testing.

·       Barracuda Networks Barracuda CloudGen Firewall F82 v7.2.3

·       Citrix Systems Citrix SD-WAN 2100-1000-SE v10.0.0.6

·       Forcepoint NGFW 1101 SMC 6.5.3 and Engine 6.5.2

·       Fortinet FortiGate 61E v6.0.4 GA Build 0231

·       Oracle Talari SD-WAN E1000 v7.3

·       Silver Peak Systems Unity EdgeConnect EC-M VXOA 8.1.7 and Orchestrator 8.5.6

·       Versa Networks FlexVNF V220 v16.1R2-S6

·       VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud Edge 2000 v3.2.1