The Voice of The Enterprise CISO

A white paper from NSS Labs titled The Voice of the Enterprise CISO


CISOs have plenty to keep them up at night. With data breaches, ransomware incidents, and system compromises keeping them on their toes, security leaders are forced to find ways to beat threats without slowing their pace of business. If they fail to effectively manage those risks, their organizations face huge consequences.

While security leaders recognize that process and people play a huge role in their security strategy, they also know that the right security technology stands as one of the most effective ways to keep up with the increasing scale and complexity of today’s attacks. The issue is knowing which technology to implement—and knowing how to implement it without breaking the bank.

NSS Labs recently examined these themes in-depth through an open survey of more than 100 executive security leaders. For this Voice of the Enterprise CISO study, NSS commissioned MindForce Research to interview participants by phone and ask them to discuss their biggest security challenges; the repercussions of ignoring those challenges; and the strategies they're using to overcome them.

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