The Rebirth of Endpoint Protection

A whitepaper from NSS Labs titled The Rebirth of Endpoint Protection

For decades, all IT security professionals, from CISOs to security administrators, have come to rely on endpoint protection (EPP) technologies to secure and protect their client devices. However, threats are always changing and hackers have demonstrated an unsettling ability to breach apparently secure devices. Many organizations, such as Netflix, have been calling for the death of endpoint protection for years. But since organizations can’t live with unstoppable breaches, hacks, and data loss, new approaches – collectively called advanced endpoint protection (AEP) – are emerging as countermeasures to new threats and challenges. Endpoint protection is still needed – but it is being reborn as AEP – bringing new technologies to bear on endless security challenges.

AEP shows significant promise for protecting endpoint devices. However, this emerging market is rapidly growing and in a constant state of flux. Assessing new technologies is no small undertaking and analysts must often rely on comparing limited information from less-than-ideal conditions. What companies need are security efficacy comparisons that represent real-world environments.

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