SIEM: The New Force Multiplier

A whitepaper from NSS Labs titled SIEM: The New Force Multiplier

Hexagon with a hexagon inside it shaded to appear like a cube. Below is "CAWS" in grey

For several years now, the rumblings about the inadequacies of security information and event management (SIEM) have been growing louder. CISOs and security analysts alike complain that SIEM technology has not fully lived up to its promises. Even with SIEM systems in place, enterprises still suffer from alert fatigue, and security teams armed with SIEM event and flow data still miss untold numbers of attack indicators every day.

However, organizations shouldn’t write off SIEM technology just yet. These platforms remain massively underutilized, and they have shown that they can serve as a single pane of glass for security teams, allowing them to better understand threats to their organizations.

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