Evolution of Next Generation Firewall

A white paper from NSS Labs titled Evolution of Next Generation Firewall


Next generation firewalls (NGFWs) are a prime example of how cybersecurity controls continue to evolve. Enterprises need a strong frst line of defense to protect their constantly changing attack surface. The number of attack vectors available to attackers is growing for several reasons, including a rise in the number of applications being used in the enterprise (and these must be constantly patched) and increased adoption of bring your own device (BYOD). Enterprises need to stop attackers at the perimeter

The challenge is that the NGFW market is full of products that are being marketed as having seemingly endless features and confguration capabilities. This gives the enterprise buyer way too many products to evaluate, and since security is usually a major investment, enterprises could be stuck with the wrong choice for three years or longer

As with any major purchase, buyers will progress through stages, beginning with educating themselves about products, then evaluating specifc products, and finally deciding which product to purchase. Many buyers will start by listing all of the market leaders, but these lists need to be narrowed down to just the top contenders.

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