Breach Prevention: The New Way Forward

A white paper from NSS Labs titled The Voice of the Enterprise CISO


Security breaches have become a fact of life for organizations of all sizes. Although organizations invest considerable time and resources to strengthen their defense-in-depth security, it is very difficult to stop determined attackers.

Recent breaches along with the proliferation of unknown or advanced threats have demonstrated that attackers are able to bypass conventional endpoint and perimeter-based security solutions. For this reason, organizations have begun adopting breach detection systems (BDS), which use enhanced detection techniques to detect malicious activity within a network.

Although BDS provide enterprises with increased visibility into threats, the time it takes to act upon threats is a major concern for many enterprises. This concern is driving more and more enterprises today to identify solutions that not only detect breaches after they have occurred but can also identify them before they occur. Breach prevention systems (BPS) are integrated solutions that include inline network defenses, and a combination of sandboxes and endpoint agents to address breaches, and they are fast becoming the preferred approach to securing the enterprise network.

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