Security Tests: Private and Public Group Testing

A datasheet from NSS Labs titled Private and Public Cybersecurity Testing

The Trusted Source for Independent Validation


NSS Labs provides the industry’s largest and most comprehensive reviews of features and functionality for enterprise-class security products. Focused 100% on cybersecurity, our mission is to arm the world with fact-based and objective information required to get secure and stay secure.

Vendors and enterprises alike leverage NSS' testing expertise and validated database of 40%+ unique threats to independently verify the security effectiveness of their products. Our private tests utilize the same methodologies as our public group tests, and they can be customized to test specific areas.

Actionable Results from Test Reports

The challenge with many reports out there is the lack of actionable data they provide. They often show high-level summaries, but little else. NSS reports provide line-by-line results based on test methodologies, which are made available in the public domain. All test cases within these methodologies have been reviewed by leaders in the security industry and by enterprises. Our reports can be used by testers and executives to make informed decisions.


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