Endpoint Security: AEP Product Classification

A Datasheet from NSS Labs titled Advanced Endpoint Protection

Contextual awareness and end-to-end threat visibility. 

Today, enterprises understand that they must evolve their endpoint defenses and incorporate a new class of endpoint product—one that NSS Labs has termed advanced endpoint protection (AEP). 

Unlike traditional anti-malware products that are based on pattern matching, AEP products use a range of techniques to improve catch rates for unknown malware. These techniques include some combination of host virtualization, real-time binary analysis, and cybersecurity forensics. 

An AEP product can successfully detect, prevent, and continuously monitor threats. Through continuous monitoring of file systems, communication, and even processes, an AEP product provides contextual awareness and end-to-end threat visibility, which allows users to take action against threats in real time. 

NSS estimates that the AEP market will grow to more than $667M in CY2016 and expects it to grow approximately 43% in CY2017. From 2015 to 2020, NSS projects a 32.2% CAGR.

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