Data Center Security: Data Center Security Gateway (DCSG) FAQ Datasheet

A FAQ datasheet from NSS Labs titled Data Center Security Gateway

What constitutes a data center security gateway (DCSG)?

Data center security gateways (DCSG) converge data center firewall (DCFW) and data center intrusion prevention system (DCIPS) capabilities. The DCSG must be capable of performing access control and deep packet inspection in order to protect server applications from remote attacks. Unlike its NGFW cousin which protects users from the Internet, the DCSG protects data center servers and the applications that run on them (i.e., web servers, mail servers, DNS servers, application servers etc.) from the Internet.

Servers and applications being protected by a DCSG provide a variety of content such as streaming audio and video, retail and b2b ecommerce, mission-critical business applications, and the routing infrastructure that runs Internet. As such, in addition to providing fault tolerance, high availability and low latency are critical in a DCSG.

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