Research and Analysis Overview

A datasheet from NSS Labs titled Research and Analysis

Quantitative Decision Making


Selecting the right security solution for your organization is a major decision – the wrong choice can result in downtime, data loss, or even a network breach. Informed decisions require thorough analysis of all available offerings, which can be challenging. Some enterprises may have the technical resources needed to perform a comprehensive analysis but lack the budget to do so. Conversely, organizations that do have the budget may not have experienced personnel, an extensive lab setup, or the required test equipment. Most importantly, enterprises trying to assess security products on their own do not have access to the most current threats, which are needed to produce accurate results. This leaves IT teams to make critical decisions by relying on datasheets rather than on primary research. NSS Labs provides a quantitative alternative.


Enterprise-Based Security Tests


NSS Labs helps organizations make informed cybersecurity purchase decisions by providing the industry’s most comprehensive review of the features and functionality of enterprise-class security products. NSS works closely with enterprise IT teams to develop thorough and relevant Test Methodologies, which NSS engineers use to test the industry’s leading products. Findings are published in individual Test Reports and in NSS’ detailed Comparative Reports.


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