Platform: Continuous Security Validation (CAWS) Data Sheet

A datasheet from NSS Labs titled CAWS Continuous Security Validation Platform

The Enterprise Dilemma: Security Has Become a Guessing Game


Enterprises have invested extensively to address the evolving threat landscape, but security effectiveness remains a guessing game. The problem is, enterprise security teams cannot be sure of the effectiveness of their security controls once they are in place. At the same time, they are under pressure to quantify their cyber risk. They need to know how their controls are performing against the latest threats and where their unmitigated risks are. They need to be able to assess their risk posture with fact-based, empirical data.

CAWS Overview

CAWS is a revolutionary, cloud-based continuous security validation platform that evaluates the effectiveness of enterprise security controls, and uncovers the unmitigated risks associated with enterprise systems. By continuously assessing active threats against vulnerable systems (i.e., Operating Systems [OS] and applications) and by assessing the efficacy of current security controls, CAWS empowers enterprises with the information they need to make informed decisions and mitigate their risk.


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