Platform: Continuous Security Validation (CAWS) and Anomali ThreatStream

A datasheet from NSS Labs titled CAWS and Anomali ThreatStream

NSS Labs and Anomali have announced a strategic partnership that provides enterprise customers with a unified view of unmitigated threats and empirical data regarding the effectiveness of security controls to drive informed action and reduce risk in their environments. The integration of Anomali ThreatStream and NSS Labs’ CAWS Continuous Security Validation Platform arms enterprises with highly targeted and relevant threat information which enables them to act with surgical precision to pinpoint and address threats before incidents occur.

To help organizations navigate information overload and to facilitate high-fidelity security results, Anomali and NSS Labs have joined forces to surface targeted, unmitigated threats that are relevant to individual organizations. NSS Labs’ CAWS Platform captures threats in real time against virtual replicas of customers’ environments, including operating systems and applications, and it precisely validates which of these threats are not mitigated by existing security controls. Anomali ThreatStream then leverages this unmitigated threat information by correlating it with other threat intelligence sources to surface pertinent threats specific to the enterprise environment. The result is actionable and relevant threat information that matters the most to enterprises for mitigating risk.


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