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Two products achieve 100% detection rates in BDS Group Test

NSS recently completed its third Breach Detection Systems (BDS) Group Test. Nine leading BDS products were evaluated on their security, performance, and total cost of ownership. For the first time in the test's history, two of the tested products achieved 100% detection rates.

But detection rate is not the only factor to consider when selecting a BDS product. Enterprises must also consider false positive rates, average detection time, and the average time it takes to reach full detection. In this group test, some attacks were detected very quickly, while others went undetected for almost 24 hours. As response time is critical in halting an attack, a BDS should be able to detect any attack and report on it within 24 hours of infection. During this test, any product that did not detect an attack within this 24-hour window did not receive credit for the detection.

Before the test began, attacks were validated using leading antivirus solutions; any attacks detected by these solutions were discarded. This ensured that the tested products could detect attacks that bypassed other security products, which is a crucial feature of a BDS. More than 600 unique validated attacks were run across six primary attack vectors: drive-by exploits, social exploits, HTTP malware, SMTP malware, offline infections, and SSL encryption.

Test highlights include:

  • Overall Security Effectiveness ranged from 86.5% to 100.0%, with seven of the nine tested products achieving a rating greater than 94.8%.
  • The midpoint for Security Effectiveness was 93.3%; eight products received a Security Effectiveness rating above the midpoint, and one product received a rating below the midpoint.
  • While many attacks were detected immediately, some were undetected for close to 24 hours, and others were never detected by some products.
  • Across all nine products, the average detection time was 15 minutes and 12 seconds across all products. The fastest product took an average of 4 minutes and 6 seconds to detect breaches, while the slowest product took an average of 38 minutes and 36 seconds.
  • False positive rates ranged from 0% to 2.63%.


To see how each vendor performed, download a free copy of the BDS Security Value Map™ using the form to the right. NSS clients can also download the BDS Comparative Reports on performance, total cost of ownership, and security here

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