Is Your Browser Putting You At Risk? Part 2 - Click Fraud

Report Overview

The lack of Web Browser security is one of the most common reasons for malware infection. Browsers offer a direct and unique route for infection, bypassing corporate protection layers and bringing malware deep into the corporate environment, often protecting malicious traffic from detection using SSL. Browsers must provide a strong layer of defense from malware, rather than defer to operating system antimalware solutions. This series examines the effectiveness of leading browsers to block malware.

The four leading browsers were tested against three million samples of real world malicious software. Major discrepancies were noted in their ability to block malware. Data represented in this report was captured over one hundred and seventy-five (175) days through NSS Labs’ unique live testing harness, and provides in-depth insight into the built-in protection capabilities of modern browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari.

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Tested Products

  1. Apple® Safari® 5
  2. Google Chrome™ 15 - 19
  3. Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 9
  4. Mozilla® Firefox® 7 – 13
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