VMware Attempts Another Bite at the Security Ecosystem Apple

Report Overview

In August 2012, VMware announced the extension of its VMware Ready Program to a select initial group of networking and security partners. The VMware Ready for Networking and Security program is focused on the interoperability of third party networking and security products with the VMware vCloud suite. This is an important step for VMware and its security partners because it will allow interoperability guarantees to joint customers. 

VMware’s first security partner program was announced in February 2008. And while that initial effort missed the mark in several respects, the company seems to have learned from previous mistakes; one significant difference this time around is the certification program. This creates more reward for partners, but more risk for VMware as it is now putting its brand behind interoperability guarantees.

This brief is intended as a qualitative overview of the VMware Ready for Networking and Security program.

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