Phishing Protection: Test Methodology v2.0

Report Overview

NSS Labs has created a complex test environment and methodology to assess the protective capabilities of security solutions under the most real-world conditions possible, whilst also maintaining control and verification of the procedures.

For this anti-phishing solution test, NSS Labs has developed a unique proprietary “Live Testing” harness and methodology. On an ongoing basis NSS Labs collects web-based threats from a variety of sources, including paid data feeds of suspicious URLs and our own honeynet servers. Potential threats are vetted algorithmically before being inserted into our test queue. Threats are being inserted and vetted continually 24x7. Note: unique in this procedure is that NSS Labs validates the samples before and after the test. Actual testing of the threats proceeded every two hours and starts with validation of the site’s existence and conformance to the test definition.

All tests are executed in a highly controlled manner, and results are meticulously recorded and archived at each interval of the test.

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