Host Intrusion Prevention: IBM Proventia Server for Windows 2.0

Report Overview

In Q3 of 2008, NSS Labs performed comprehensive testing of the IBM Proventia Server for Windows 2.0 against our Host Intrusion Prevention Systems (HIPS) v5.1 testing methodology. This report contains the conclusions and associated data from a series of exacting tests performed on a Windows 2003 Server running the Proventia HIPS agent in our real-world test lab, and provides readers with empirically validated evidence about the product's features and capabilities.

IBM/ISS strength has always been security effectiveness, and they did not disappoint. The security effectiveness of Proventia Server for Windows 2.0 was superb. NSS Labs tested the product on numerous Windows platforms, running 65 live exploits targeting both the operating systems and a wide range of applications, including IIS, Apache, DNS, sendmail, Exchange, MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle DB, and various commonly used open source server applications. Proventia Server for Windows 2.0 detected and blocked a total of 64 exploits (98.5%) – all of which were Attacker Initiated.

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