Consumer EPP Comparative Analysis - Socially Engineered Malware Edition 1

Report Overview

For several years, the use of social engineering has accounted for the bulk of cyber attacks against consumers. Whether used in conjunction with phishing, malware, or websites booby–trapped with exploits, consumers are falling prey to deceptive tactics and increasingly must rely on browser application download technologies and endpoint protection products (EPP) for protection. Between December 15, 2013 and  January 13, 2014, NSS Labs conducted a continuous series of tests on endpoint protection (EPP) products in order to determine their effectiveness against socially engineered malware (SEM). 87,000 test cases were run with 549 unique URLs and 463 unique malware samples. Products were evaluated for their ability to quickly and consistently block threats on download or upon attempted execution. Primarily due to cloud-based technologies, several products performed exceptionally well in these tests. Which products were most effective? Read on for the results.

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