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A product rating is a forecast, an expert opinion about a product’s capacity to meet its obligations to consumers over time. Product ratings inform consumers—enhancing transparency and enabling them to focus on considerations that are most critical to their organizations.

Ratings range from AAA – D. A product rated ‘AAA’ has the highest rating assigned by NSS Labs. The product’s capacity to meet its commitments to consumers is extremely strong. A product rated ‘D’ is actively being breached by known threats and is unable to protect consumers.

Since a rating is an expert opinion, NSS Labs may rate a product from time to time based upon publicly available information as well as surveys and other feedback from consumers.

Note: Ratings are not simply a way to communicate the results of test. Ratings are based on NSS Labs’ expert opinion, and include multiple factors including leadership turnover, customer feedback, financial strength, market conditions, and anything else an analyst considers relevant.

 Product Rating Report        

To provide readers with insight into the thought process used to render the overall Product Rating, NSS Labs produces Product Ratings Reports that includes detailed analysis & expert opinion of management, false positives, resistance to evasion, and attack prevention/ detection. 

Comparative Ratings Report

Comparative Ratings Reports quickly summarize findings of Product Ratings Reports; they efficiently convey NSS Labs’ expert opinions on the differentiation between various vendor offerings and help consumers identify which products may meet their needs.

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