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Independent organization will take up the mantle to advocate for consumers’ security needs.

AUSTIN, Texas – February 25, 2020 – NSS Labs, Inc., the global leader in independent cybersecurity product testing, today announced it is creating a not-for-profit organization focused on improving the state of cybersecurity for the benefit of public safety. Its mission will be to advance truth in advertising and transparency in performance of cybersecurity products so that consumers can make better-informed decisions. The commercial business of NSS Labs will continue its critical work with suppliers and consumers of products to improve both the capability of products and their effectiveness for specific deployments.

NSS Labs has always existed to improve the state of cybersecurity, and this separation of functions furthers that mission. Moving forward, the not-for-profit will focus on testing products and publishing information on those products for the public good, advancing the mission one step further by representing the security needs of consumers and ensuring that they are adequately represented.

“Improving the state of cybersecurity remains our overarching mission,” said Jason Brvenik, CEO of NSS Labs. “This transformation will ensure NSS Labs can both serve the supplier community to the best of our ability to improve products and produce the highest-quality, independent, trusted advice that consumers of those products need.”

“The not-for-profit will allow for a broader testing program across the spectrum of cybersecurity solutions,” said Vikram Phatak, Founder and President of NSS Labs.

“In a dynamic cyber risk world, it is sad but true that cyber defence technologies don’t always do what they say on the box; even if it’s one of the biggest boxes in the world. In this environment, the importance of independent testing cannot be under-estimated; a vendor’s promise on performance simply isn’t enough,” said Peter Armstrong, The Senior Cyber Subject Matter Expert for Munich Reinsurance Company.

“In the insurance and capital worlds, it’s important to be able to rely on trusted, evidence-based, data underpinning our efforts to quantify and price cyber risk; it’s a corner-stone of trust. NSS Labs’ announcement of a new not-for-profit structure for its testing programmes is a welcome innovation. NSS Labs is already a trusted source measuring the effectiveness of cyber defence technology, this not-for-profit initiative further reinforces the independence that capital markets seek,” added Armstrong.

NSS Labs group tests never require a fee for participation.

NSS Labs executives will be attending the RSA® Conference in San Francisco February 24 – 27. Should you wish to schedule a meeting or if you would like further information about the new not-for-profit and how to get involved, please contact

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