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NSS Labs, Inc., a global leader and trusted source for independent cybersecurity product testing, today dismissed its antitrust complaint without prejudice. The lawsuit was filed September 18, 2018 with the United States District Court in Northern California against CrowdStrike, Symantec Corporation, ESET LLC, Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization (AMTSO) and Does 1-50.

NSS Labs’ mission is to advance transparency and accountability in the cybersecurity industry. At the time of filing, NSS had discovered evidence that led it to believe certain security vendors were conspiring to avoid independent, third party testing while usurping AMTSO proposed testing protocols to create apparent legitimacy for test organizations which favored their products, and were using a Draft Standard from AMTSO to demonstrate their dissatisfaction with tests that revealed their underperforming products and associated weaknesses which did not support their marketing claims.

“During the past year, AMTSO has made progress to be more fair and balanced in its structure, vendors have shown progress in working with testing organizations, and the market itself has had significant change and notable acquisition activity,” said Jason Brvenik, CEO of NSS Labs. “It is said that sunshine is the best disinfectant, and that has been our experience here. We look forward to continued improvement in the security vendor behaviors,” Brvenik added.

NSS rates security products as either Recommended, Neutral, or Caution, based on their results in a test to help enterprises understand product strengths and weaknesses relative to other products in that category. The goal is to help IT organizations make informed decisions based on empirical data and motivate product vendors to provide the security their customers believe they are purchasing. As with all NSS Labs group tests, there is no fee for participation.