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Live Testing Shows Stark Differences in Proactive Protection

Carlsbad, Calif., September 22, 2009 – NSS Labs, a world leader in independent product testing and certification, today published new reports on endpoint protection products for consumer and corporate products. NSS Labs’ next generation of anti-malware testing advances state of the art, providing IT Security buyers with real-world security effectiveness data.

Until now enterprises have had no trusted source of empirical information on how anti-malware products work in the real world against today’s threats. Legacy tests and certifications showing 98% to 100% malware detection rates don’t reflect current realities, and can be dangerously misleading. Tests based on the wild list, pre-shared, older, and even un-validated sample collections are generally not an accurate reflection of current threats, and can introduce their own bias.

NSS Labs has developed the next generation of Live Testing methodologies for a range of security products that measure real-world usage against fresh, unshared malware that are current and live on the Internet. Unsponsored and independent, these measurements provide IT Security pros the ability to make data-driven decisions about purchases, renewals as well as monitor vendor performance.

NSS Labs has initiated coverage and testing on the following products: AVG, Eset, F-Secure (OMX:FSC1V), Kaspersky, McAfee (NASDAQ:MFE), Norman (OSE:NORMAN), Panda, Sophos, Symantec (NASDAQ: SYMC), and Trend Micro (OTC:TMIC, TSE:JP:4704). Two tests were performed simultaneously over 17 days of 24×7 testing: 10 corporate and 9 consumer products. The consumer report is available to registered users (free to register), while the corporate report is available for purchase for $1,800.

Consumer Test – Key Facts and findings:

  • Significant differences were found among corporate and consumer products
  • Proactive 0-hour protection ranged from 26% to 70%
  • Overall protection varied between 67% and 96%
  • In-the-cloud reputation systems boosted protection by 16% on average
  • See the full reports for recommended, neutral and caution guidance

About NSS Labs

NSS Labs was founded in 1991, and is a global leader in independent security and performance testing and certification. NSS Labs performs the most comprehensive, high-performance security validation in the industry. Proven methodologies reflect real-world traffic and usage conditions, and help information security professionals understand how products will work in their environments. NSS is a participating organization in the PCI Security Standards Council and a member of AMTSO. All anti-malware testing conforms to AMTSO guidelines and best practices. For more information, visit: