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At the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show, IBM unveiled the world’s first quantum computer designed for commercial and scientific use. NSS Labs Founder Vikram Phatak said further developments in the world of quantum computing will play a significant role in moving cybersecurity forward, and his company is gearing up for that change.

What are the top tech trends you’re watching in 2020? 

The adoption of cloud computing, ubiquitous high-speed internet like 5G wireless, internet of things, artificial intelligence and quantum computing will drive major shifts in the way the world works, including how we protect people. IoT devices will operate more efficiently and autonomously as AI evolves. And quantum computing is a transformative leap forward that makes possible new technologies that we haven’t even imagined yet.

Modern encryption that takes thousands of years to break with current computing technology can be broken in seconds using quantum computing. Our research indicates that as the virtual and physical worlds merge, cybersecurity will naturally evolve to focus on protecting people regardless of whether they are using mobile devices, computers or IoT devices connected to the cloud. This new paradigm will spur a scalable, zero-trust alternative to current cybersecurity architectures. Read More