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What are marketing rights?

Marketing rights provide the purchaser with the rights to share an NSS Labs report with their customers and prospects. All marketing rights are subject to NSS’ Copyright and Quote Policy.

Who do I contact about obtaining marketing rights?

Vendors that wish to use NSS test results in their PR and marketing activities will need to contact their NSS Labs account manager.

What are the benefits of purchasing marketing rights?

NSS Labs group tests consist of market-leading vendors, vendors that are in high demand by enterprises, and vendors that use innovative technology. Vendors that receive Recommended or Security Recommended ratings have quantitative proof that their products have exceled in an NSS test. During the cybersecurity product selection process, CISOs, Security Architects, IT Managers, and other security professionals narrow their short lists to those companies that have been recognized by NSS Labs. Marketing rights provide vendors with the opportunity to showcase their test results within their own marketing collateral.

What is the difference between NSS’ Recommended and Security Recommended ratings?

  • Recommended products map into the upper-right section of NSS’ Security Value Map (SVMTM) and have scored above average for both Security Effectiveness and TCO per Protected Mbps. These products provide a high level of detection and value for money.
  • Security Recommended products map into the upper-left section of the SVM and have scored above average for Security Effectiveness, but below average for TCO per Protected Mbps. These products are suitable for environments requiring a high level of detection, albeit at a higher-than-average cost.

What is permissible without marketing rights?

All vendors that earn Recommended or Security Recommended ratings will receive a digital badge for use by their marketing teams. Without NSS Labs marketing rights, vendors can still promote their products in the following ways:

  • Vendors can use a digital version of the Recommended or Security Recommended badge on their websites, marketing collateral, and social media channels, as well as during trade shows.
  • Vendors can issue press releases stating that their products are being included in an NSS group test. All such press releases require approval by NSS Labs; requests may be submitted to

Note: Any claims or marketing beyond announcing Recommended or Security Recommended ratings require approval by NSS Labs. Requests can be submitted to

What are the different marketing rights options?

There are different types of marketing rights that vendors can purchase. The following presents the most common marketing rights purchased by vendor marketing teams.

Test Report

  • Test Report for a single vendor
  • Report is hidden behind info wall to increase marketing qualified leads
  • Collateral presents test results/claims for only one vendor

Vendor Test Report and SVM

  • Test Report for a single vendor
  • SVM graphic showing all vendor names
  • Sales team distributes Test Report and SVM graphic to customers for short-listing

Vendor Test Report, SVM, and Comparative Reports

  • Test Report for a single vendor
  • Comparative Reports associated with the test (e.g., Security, Performance, TCO)
  • Collateral includes specific claims that may reference relative achievement compared to other vendors

If a vendor purchases marketing rights for one test, do those rights apply to tests of other technologies?

No. Vendor marketing rights are exclusive to each test and do not apply to tests of other technologies. For example, if a vendor purchases marketing rights for NGFW test results, it does not automatically have marketing rights for BDS test results.

How long do marketing rights apply?

Once a vendor purchases marketing rights, it holds those rights for 12 months.

What is the publication process for marketing rights?

All vendor marketing/PR collateral (press releases, landing pages, social media posts, banners, e-mail campaigns, etc.) that reference NSS Labs or a test performed by NSS Labs must be submitted for approval to

Vendor promotion of test results may not precede NSS Labs’ corresponding press release and report publication. Test participants would receive details on the date and time of publication in advance.

Any reference to a vendor’s results would require marketing rights to its Test Report. Any claims about the vendor’s performance relative to other products would require marketing rights to the Comparative Report that contains the relevant information (e.g., Security).

For guidance on how test results can be used, please refer to the NSS Labs Copyright & Quote Policy. We encourage you to read this policy thoroughly, as it addresses many of the common questions that arise about the use of test results.