Continuous Test provides 24x7 live test results. It evolves point-in-time testing to a continuous motion by providing ongoing test results.

Continuous Test provides security product performance results using vendor recommended settings for specific configuration and policies. Continuous Test helps understand unmitigated risks to standard applications.

How Continuous Test Can Help


Informed Purchasing Decisions:
Purchasing decisions for security products

Keep, Augment, or Refresh Products:
Measuring efficacy of existing
security products
Critical Apps Patch Management:
Prioritizing unmitigated risks to standard applications

What You Get



Continuous Test has out-of-the-box profiles standard security products with vendor recommended configurations and standard applications. Continuous Test runs threats captured through BaitNetTM against these standard profiles to provide real-time 24x7 test results.


Standard Security Products & Vendor Recommended Configurations

Standard security products are the products natively supported in the NSS Cloud Platform. These products include security products in different product categories - Next Generation Firewall, Next Generation Intrusion Prevention System, and Advanced Endpoint Protection system to name a few. All the standard security products have configurations that are recommended by product vendors.

Standard Enterprise Stack - Applications, Browsers, Operating Systems

Standard applications are the default applications that are used by organizations. These applications include Microsoft Office 2013, 2016, Adobe Flash Player, Reader, Java, Media Player etc. The operating systems include Windows 7, 8, 10, Vista, XP.