Continuous Test

NSS Labs is the industry standard for point-in-time testing for over a decade. Continuous Test transitions point-in-time to an automated, scalable cloud-based offering that now provides 24/7 live test results.

Continuous Test provides security product performance results using vendor recommended settings for specific configuration and policies. Continuous Test helps understand unmitigated risks to standard applications.

Continuous Security Validation

Continuous Security Validation personalizes Continuous Test by using your products, configurations, policies, and applications in a private cloud setting. This provides you visibility and measurement of cyber security for your environment.

Continuous Security Validation enables you to drive cyber risk program through continuous measurement, ongoing risk mitigation and by rationalizing your security investments.

Continuous Test &
Continuous Security Validation

 Private Cloud 
Standard Security Products
 Custom Security Products 
& Policies
Vendor Recommedned Policy & Configurations on Security Products
Custom Security Products 
Standard Applications (Adobe Reader, Flash Player, Microsoft Office 2013 & 2016, JAVA, Microsoft Silverlight, Media Players, etc.)
Your Applications (Your version of supported standard applications) 
Operating System Support (Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 & All Service Packs)
Browser Coverage (Internet Explorer 6+, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, & Firefox)
ThreatsBaitnet Threat Feeds
Custom Threat Feeds (3rd Party) 
Your Own Threat (Files, Public Executables) Submissions 
Threat Insights (Processes, Chain-of-Events, Raw Files, etc.)
NSS Labs BaitNet

BaitNetTM Architecture

The BaitNETTM architecture is powered by thousands of victim machines simulating enterprise endpoint profiles. BaitNET continuously monitors threats across 37 countries and over 300+ enterprise applications to capture and analyze live exploits in the wild. The cloud platform captures both the exploit and the payload, recording and validating exactly how malware is being delivered to victims.