When it comes to threat feeds, more doesn’t equal better. In fact, the mountain of threat data being collected has reached critical mass, to the point it’s becoming counter-productive. SOC teams are being flooded with details and indicators that lack the necessary relevance or context to be of any real use to their organizations. Instead of helping security teams be more proactive, they’re instead being forced into a perpetual reactive stance—constantly chasing false alerts or alerts of little consequence.

CAWS Threat Intelligence Enrichment
Cyber Threat Protection Platform

The CAWS Cyber Threat Protection Platform solves this problem by delivering preemptive, customer-specific intelligence. It’s the only threat intelligence platform that continuously validates active threats against a virtual copy of an organization’s infrastructure. The result is threat intelligence that is specific to the organization, saving time and avoiding false positives. This means security teams are armed with truly contextual intelligence to effectively drive mitigation and response efforts.

Moreover, the proprietary BaitNET™ technology on which CAWS is built, has been proven to provide more than 40% unique threat intelligence compared to any threat feed on the market. No other solution can match the level of contextual, actionable intelligence delivered by the CAWS platform.

Proprietary BaitNET