Enterprise's layered defenses keep stacking up, but cybercriminals keep finding ways to knock them down. One slight tweak to an exploit that your security products effectively blocked yesterday (or even a few hours ago) could now be bypassing those same security controls, thereby putting your organization and critical assets at risk. More than ever, you need a way to continuously validate the defenses you have in place against the constantly evolving threat landscape.

CAWS Threat Intelligence Enrichment
CAWS Eliminates

CAWS eliminates the uncertainty when it comes to the effectiveness of your defenses. Our one-of-a-kind replay technology provides continuous validation of your security controls against active threats in the wild. This is achieved using our proprietary BaitNET architecture, which replays live exploits against a virtualized replica of your specific environment to expose where the real risk lies.

CAWS is the only SaaS platform that lets you build organization-specific profiles, which mirror the specific operating systems and applications in use—even down to the version—and the associated security products intended to protect them. You get unprecedented, proactive visibility into which threats are capable of bypassing your defenses, which applications are vulnerable, and which assets are actually at risk, allowing you to take immediate, preemptive action to keep your business safe.

CAWS is the only