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Which Breach Detection Systems (BDS) received "Recommended" ratings in the first NSS Labs BDS Group Test? 

Find out in the new Breach Detection Systems Security Value MapTM (SVM) and Comparative Analysis Reports (CARs).  An industry first, the NSS BDS test evaluated six of the leading BDS products - AhnLab, Fidelis, FireEye, Fortinet, Sourcefire (Cisco), and Trend Micro - for security effectiveness, performance, and total cost of ownership.  Fill out the form on the right to download a copy of the new NSS Breach Detection Systems Security Value Map graphic.  

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NSS’ key findings include:

  • Four of six products tested achieved over 95% in overall security effectiveness:  Overall security effectiveness ranged from 94.5% to 99.1% with Trend Micro scoring the highest and four of the six over 95%. The ability to keep false positives to a minimum is as important as detection rate alone, so it is notable that five of the six also received a 0% false positive rate.
  • Money Doesn’t Always Buy the Best Security: Total Cost of Ownership per Protected-Mbps ranged from $231 to $468 with the highest priced solution, AhnLab MDS, receiving the lowest security effectiveness rating. Conversely, Sourcefire (Cisco) had the lowest TCO and also received one of the highest security effectiveness ratings.
  • All BDS Solutions Performed At or Above Vendor Throughput Claims:  Five of the six products tested achieved their vendor-stated performance rates of 1,000 Mbps in testing and one exceeded its 250 Mbps vendor-stated throughput at 667 Mbps. There were significant differences in the maximum number of TCP connections and concurrent connections allowed, so enterprises evaluating a BDS should consider those results as well.

Tested Products

  • AhnLab MDS
  • Fidelis XPS Direct 1000
  • FireEye Web MPS 4310 and Email MPS 5300
  • Fortinet FortiSandbox 3000D
  • Sourcefire (Cisco) Advanced Malware Protection
  • Trend Micro Deep Discovery Inspector Model 1000

NSS Labs’ comparative analysis of Breach Detection Systems is based upon empirical data gathered during testing at the NSS Labs facility in Austin, Texas.  Testing was performed in accordance with NSS Labs’ Breach Detection Systems (BDS) methodology v1.5.

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