NGIPS – HP TippingPoint Update

In our recently completed Next Generation Intrusion Prevention Systems (NGIPS) test, NSS Labs and HP TippingPoint discovered an anomaly during testing. Fundamentally, the nature of the anomaly was related to a recent CVE, which was being heavily utilized in the wild and as such carried great weight in the Live Stack portion of the NGIPS test.  After working closely together with NSS Labs, HP TippingPoint believes minor adjustments to the profile may provide significant enhancement in the area of security effectiveness in the live stack portion. Once NSS Labs validates this adjustment, the HP TippingPoint appliance will be tested again, and the results published in a new test report on our website for enterprise clients.

We also would like to take a moment to acknowledge the HP TippingPoint leadership team. Instead of a contentious approach to the results, they engaged immediately with NSS Labs, recognizing that customer protection comes first and demonstrating a high degree of integrity.

Bill De Lauro

General Manager and SVP of Operations, Testing & Services - NSS Labs, Inc.

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