How Does The Average Enterprise Stay On Top of The Latest Technology?

How Does The Average Enterprise Stay On Top You’ve probably heard the phrase “drinking from a fire hose,” and in the security world, it has never been more applicable than it is today.

NSS Research Reveals NGFW has Strengthening Role in Enterprise

Next generation firewalls (NGFWs) have become perimeter security “table stakes” for enterprise security. Potentially the most important network security investment an enterprise can make, NGFW technology is in high demand. There is considerable differentiation within the market, in spite of the fact that it has yet to reach maturity, and new features such as integrated threat intelligence feeds, cloud forensics, automated black-list population, and sandboxing have made purchasing decisions more complex.

2015: Rethinking Defense Starts With Better Information

The past year has been rife with an alarming increase in grievous information security incidents. Breaches, widely distributed software critical vulnerabilities, and increasingly sophisticated attacks all appeared with frightening regularity. Everyone who works in information security knows it’s a tough role. Much like public utilities, no one is grateful or concerned until it doesn’t work or isn’t there. Once you have been breached, the resolution will take considerably more time and investment than implementing simple preventative investments in the first place.

Unicorn Just Got Real: Malware Analysis

Analysis of the Dropped Malware

Name: v3k.exe

MD5: 74CE6CB9F8B983297F936936BCABC698

SHA1: B76B514707CD560F973DD66124D2C1101D75078A

SHA-2/256: 11F5F243E07BFD173F8EEC248ADF457540926CD7E0725381DA04C46E8C39A15B

The malware is a little different to that which is typically dropped from regular exploit kits and malware campaigns. The difference lies in the way in which this malware is packaged, and in its method of operation.

Having Your Virtual Cake and Eating It Too

Today’s continuously evolving threat landscape and the need for business continuity mandate the need to rethink security workflows. Robust virtual data centers and considerable computing power are the ingredients for a new approach to securing critical data. With an adaptive approach, mission and business functions can continue at the same time that malware is encapsulated and monitored.

Unicorn Just Got Real

Unicorn Just Got RealThrough the Cyber Advanced Warning System, NSS Labs is already observing reliable exploits for CVE-2014-6332 in the wild. Microsoft released security updates on November 11, 2014 to patch this vulnerability.

Technology of the Future: BDS Market Set to Explode

 BDS Market Set to Explode“Assume you have been breached” has become standard advice from information security professionals today. As organizations continue to be breached, the conventional approach to information security – in which layers of best-of-breed security technologies are used to protect an organization – is being challenged. Many organizations are beginning to acknowledge that in fact it is not possible to guarantee protection.

Add a Dash of Cloud for a More Robust Security Infrastructure

Cloud for a More Robust Security InfrastructureAs the hype around cloud computing settles, and as organizations begin to evaluate solutions, the ability of security as a service (SaaS) solutions to improve security infrastructure becomes apparent.

All’s Well That Ends Well

In my previous blog about the Palo Alto Networks results in our recent NGFW test I expressed the hope that “Palo Alto Network executives will take this issue seriously and move quickly to protect their customers."


We don’t follow up every NSS Labs test with a blog response to a vendor, but after the fun and games following our recent BDS test, we find ourselves in a similar position. This time it is Palo Alto Networks blogging about our NGFW group test, the results of which were published last week and can be found here.


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