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Five of Eight Leading Vendors Receive Coveted NSS “Recommended” Rating in NSS Labs Breach Detection Systems Group Test. 

The latest NSS Breach Detection Systems (BDS) test evaluated eight of the leading BDS vendors - BlueCoat, CheckPoint, Cisco, Fidelis, FireEye, Fortinet, Lastline, and Trend Micro - for security effectiveness, performance, and total cost of ownership.  Fill out the form on the right to receive a free copy of the NSS Breach Detection Systems Security Value Map graphic.  

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NSS Research shows that the BDS market is growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 32%. This market demand has driven NSS to conduct the most complete test of this technology available today.  A BDS is expected to detect malicious software traversing a network, either during the attack, or post infection during callbacks (also known as data exfiltration). A strongly marketed feature of this technology is that BDS detect attacks that have bypassed traditional security products, reflecting the growing sophistication of the attackers themselves.

Key Takeaways:

  • Threat Actors are investing in ways to bypass existing security technology
  • Breach Detection technologies are rapidly evolving
  • New entrants in the Breach Detection space are successfully challenging the status quo
  • Evasions allow attackers to avoid detection by a BDS. They proved to be a major problem for several vendors.  Only one vendor handled all evasions successfully.

Tested Products:

NSS Labs’ comparative analysis of Breach Detection Systems is based upon empirical data gathered during testing at the NSS Labs facility in Austin, Texas.  Testing was performed in accordance with NSS Labs’ Breach Detection Systems (BDS) methodology v2.0.

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