Randy Abrams Research Director Randy Abrams brings a wealth of experience in malware and virus research to the NSS Labs team. Previously, he was the Director of Technical Education for six years at ESET, a global antivirus company, and from 1993 to 2005, worked at Microsoft where he developed and managed the processes to prevent their software from being released with malware.
Randy Abrams
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Jayendra Pathak Jayendra Pathak, Director of Development Operations, brings a wealth of expertise in malware, phishing and exploit analysis. Pathak and team maintain a comprehensive database of threats prevalent in the wild and built an automated live testing infrastructure that runs with minimal supervision.
Jayendra Pathak
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Rob Ayoub Research Director Rob Ayoub brings over eight years of IT security product marketing and market research experience to NSS Labs. Prior to working at NSS, Ayoub was a Solutions Marketing Manager at Fortinet, where he collaborated in the creation of marketing programs around the company's solutions for healthcare, education, and managed security service providers.
Rob Ayoub
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Mohamed Saher Mohamed Saher is Vice President of Advanced Research, specializing in reverse engineering, windows internals and mathematics. His work and research spans numerous areas, including native software protection, copy protection technologies, compilers and virology.
Mohamed Saher
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Andrew Braunberg For the last 18 years, Research Director Andrew Braunberg has focused on the market landscape, trends and innovations in technology, initially as a technology journalist and then as Research Director at Current Analysis for the Business Technology and Software group.
Andrew Braunberg
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Thomas Skybakmoen Research Director Thomas Skybakmoen worked for Gartner for more than 5 years, most recently as a Senior Research Analyst, writing research for thousands of clients in the IT industry and often spoke at Gartner conferences, with press and customers – from c-level executives to enterprise architects - about the IT challenges enterprises face today, particularly around PaaS and SaaS.
Thomas Skybakmoen
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Joshua Mittler Research Analyst Joshua Mittler brings to NSS Labs a solid background and academic training in interdisciplinary research.  He is skilled in statistical analysis of large data sets, trend forecasting, and formulating practical solutions to complex problems.  In addition, he has lead quantitative and qualitative studies around change management, emergent leadership, and tolerance of ambiguity.
Joshua Mittler
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Mike Spanbauer NSS Labs Vice President of Research Mike Spanbauer, a recognized leader in security and infrastructure technologies, leads the Analyst team creating research that combines years of testing experience with quantitative analysis of the world’s leading security companies, products and markets.  In addition to running the Research organization.
Mike Spanbauer
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Paula Musich Research Director Paula Musich brings over 25 years of experience covering the security and networking technology markets, first as a veteran reporter with eWeek/PC Week and Network World, and later as a principal analyst for enterprise security with Current Analysis. As a security technology analyst Paula has tracked and analyzed competitive developments in the threat management segment of the information security market.
Paula Musich
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Bhaarath Venkateswaran Bhaarath Venkateswaran is Practice Director and has over 10 years of information security and network engineering experience. Before joining NSS Labs, he led the product and information security assurance group at Trustwave, where he designed and implemented the performance and security evaluation methodologies across all their network security product offerings.
Bhaarath Venkateswaran
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Jason Pappalexis Research Director Jason Pappalexis has provided extensive HTTP/SMTP capacity testing and security guidance for Fortune 500 companies, is the author of a dedicated dashboard for a major system management software solution, and has designed a proprietary anti-spam lab.
Jason Pappalexis
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Bob Walder As Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Bob Walder leads both the research direction and overall product strategy for NSS Labs.  With over 30 years experience in the computer industry, Mr. Walder is known for the development of the industry's most advanced testing methodologies and growing NSS into the world’s leading information security research and third-party testing organization.
Bob Walder
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